So often we get distracted.  Our attention is diverted in another direction.  Or we become calloused.  Indifferent.  Hardened.  Many times our focus has veered off the path of our original purpose.

Billy Dorsey’s trials turned into his testimony.  Stripped of all that seemed vital, important, and necessary…  He discovered the true meaning of “the heart of worship.”

His new concert tour focuses on bringing the audience back to “the heart of worship.”  A message relevant to young adults, college students, and high-schoolers, Billy Dorsey’s fitting worship style draws in our focus and attention to the one who deserves our worship.  Jesus Christ.

The Heart of Worship Tour stimulates a response in the depths of our souls.

Award winning Hip Hop & Rap artist Billy Dorsey hails from Houston, Texas where he currently serves as Outreach Pastor at Lakewood Church.